Is your heart ready to be beaten?


Perfect for the Anti-Valentine...

Available soon exclusively on Nintendo 3DS!

The endless tale of love, and love lost…leading to an unlimited heart beating.

Originally created for the Global Game Jam 2013, the original game was developed in just over 24 hours and released on Android and iOS. Now Heart Beaten has been rewritten from the ground up for 3DS, with 15 game types, a new story, and new music. Now the definitive game is here for ou to enjoy!

• Switch between touch screen and button controls as different games get you to crush the heart of you admirer in so many different ways!
• Epic 8-bit soundtrack exclusively made for Heart Beaten
• High-score attack for endless replayability
• A game with an emotional message for all those who have been destroyed, or are ready to decimate through the promise of togetherness.

The Global Game Jam took place on the 25th – 27th of January 2013. The idea is that a large group of people get together in separate locations across the world to make games based on a theme chosen by the event organisers. In 2013, the theme was the sound of a heartbeat. I could only make it there for the first day, and fought through from Friday night to Saturday night without any sleep. I released the opriginal version on mobile, but now this new version is an almost totally different game!

Read more about the game jam experience on my blog available here

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